What People Have To Say About Thomas & The Self Love Army

Thomas Whigham wrote some very kind words about me yesterday.

He called me a Guru.

He called me an Honest Man.

He called me a devoted coach.

I’ll be honest.

I’m not a fan of the word guru.

To me it feels like a deluded spiritual ego.

But that’s not what it means to Tom.

To him, it means a commitment to being of service for those who trust you enough to follow your advice and leadership.

…while being honest. And while being truly committed to transforming their lives.

And if that is the definition we are working with, not self-proclaimed enlightenment or spiritual superiority, then Tom, too, is a Guru.

I’ve spent a lot of time with Tom.

In fact, we lived together for several months last year while supporting each other throughout our walk through hell with Covid.

I almost died. Tom almost died.

And it’s not until a man is in the woes despair that you see his true nature.

And when we both hit rock bottom, Tom still remained the same.

– He spoke about getting well for his clients, because they needed him

– He kept checking in on me in case I needed him while he barely was able to breathe himself

– He kept taking care of his girl whilst hardly knowing how to stand up straight or formulate a sentence

– And all he truly yearned for was to just be back on his swing, having his love speak for him and guide him and his clients

I’ve met a lot of people who talk a big game about spirituality and love.

People who talk about compassion.

People who talk about benevolence.

But when shit hits the fan they look out for #1.

Not Tom.

He’s truly devoted. He’s truly walking in love-bliss around the click. And he’s truly producing results.

This is why no matter how bat shit crazy this man his he is my brother til I die, and why you should do coaching with him if you struggle with love.

This is the man you want in your corner. Not the guys who are in your corner until you’ve given them your money.

He’s the only coach I’ve seen that actually never stops caring.

Everyone else talks a big game on social media but when push comes to shove they all fold make sure they got themselves covered first.

Thomas f-ing Whigham… you sir are a gem to all those who you can touch…

Just recently hopped off a call with Tom and left with a new perspective about myself, my relationship, and my purpose just from an hour of “shooting the sh*t” with him.

The level of insight and external awareness that Tom has with me as a “mentee” of sorts is higher than I’ve seen even some of the most “successful” and “famous” mentors that I’ve worked with (people that are very popular names in the self development world).

What Thomas focuses on isn’t “self development”, it’s self acceptance, and self love. After this call with him, the second conversation we’ve had, I was able to realize that a lot of the so called fears that I have weren’t because I’m not “self developed enough” — it’s simply because I didn’t recognize the various ways I could accept myself and my own struggle with love instead of fear.

If you haven’t reached out to Thomas, think about it. I’m almost pissed that he’s offering so much and asking for so little, but that’s literally just how he chooses to operate through love and giving instead of fear and taking.


I feel compelled to share about my experience so far with Thomas ⭐⚡🌊

It’s been nothing short of pivotal. Sometimes there are things that words cannot fully express, as is the case here.

Not only is it how he “handles” me… it is how he SEES me. Because he sees all of me, because of his wisdom, his experiences, his potency and his sheer ability to embrace and trust his gifts- he leads me STRONGLY.

As a woman who has struggled my whole life with relationships- working with a man who is clear, will not succumb to my “charm” and bullshit ( which has been my go-to way of avoiding my own potency and “getting out of” my own way) has been life changing.

I’m no longer settling for anything less than what I truly want in ANY area of my life- because Thomas explains what is happening for me in such a profound way, and then holds me to my desires with actions that create massive CHANGE.

My career has expanded in a way that makes me so very proud and excited, rather than being on the path of destruction I was on…

I’m choosing men who are HEALTHY and SUPPORT me and want to please me, rather than going back into old habits, thoughts and patterns that SUCK and caused me the same shitty results over and over…

(And he gave me the courage to let go of all the ones who weren’t a true match for me but I couldn’t even see it 🤷‍♀️)

I’m prioritizing myself in a way I never knew existed… to me, that alone gives me the ability to conquer anything I choose 😈🤠

Ladies, working with a healthy, potent, gifted man will gift you in a way that perhaps no woman ever can.

I finally feel like I’m owning who I am.


And just to add this – in my awareness of the results, I would pay anything to work with him. 💰

Hit him up. ⭐⚡⭐⚡⭐

Thomas is just a beast!

I’m working with him almost one month and I feel f*cking amazing. He completely changed my life.

I’m so grateful to Thomas. Thanks to him I realized that it’s very important say my family that I love them. I have never done this because I always thought that it’s obvious thing. First time when I said this, it was weird. My uncle and aunt started laughing when I told them ‘I love you’ but they responded me we ‘love you too Karel’ and it was an amazing feeling.

He explained me there is nothing to be afraid of in this world. If you fear something, just do it! No excuses!

He taught me how to love bad things, how to love pain, chaos, traffic jam… I hated traffic jams when I arrived to Bali, it’s here everyday. I told him about this and he explained to me that I just have to accept it, it’s just a part of Bali, it’s just life.

Basically for every question I have, he gives me an answer that makes a perfect sense. It’s often very simple, yet very powerful at the same time.

I’m very happy, thank you, Thomas!

I have had 3 calls with Thomas Whigham. I said this to him on the call. It feels like I’m talking to a close friend, extremely approachable and relatable, yet who is guiding me every step of the way to fully and deeply align myself with love.

I know Thomas asked me to read the reviews before working with him. To be honest, I read a couple, not many. I was beyond skeptical before our first 15 mins intro call, but I thought I would give it a chance. I am beyond happy I did.

Every single call with Thomas is just wild. Words wont do it justice because it is just an amazing experience. I’ve noticed he uses analogies, imagery, visualizations, songs, etc. to get you to access that unconditional love.

My status quo in life has been to repress and push away pain or the sides about me that I don’t like. Thomas led me right to it.

There is a very clear difference between reading about acceptance and loving yourself in a book or a post, and actually experiencing it. I’m talking about full self-acceptance for all your warts, pain, shame, etc. Thomas helped guide me to open that door. And in the 3 calls I’ve had I’ve noticed a world of a difference as to how I’m approaching my life and relationships.

I do have to say though after every call I feel wiped out. The reason is we have peeled through so many layers of the onion, or we have started to completely love my pain, that it feels like a big cathartic release. I’ve done Sedona method before, and it doesn’t even come close to this experience.

I came across the Self Love Army by mere chance. But I am so grateful for Thomas and the others here.

Sixty minutes…

Sixty f*cking minutes…

Who knew my mindset, my life could literally change so much in sixty minutes.

I don’t even know what to say or how to say it, but in the first half of our call Thomas literally helped me get through a lifetime of shame around my s*xual desires and lack of experience.

I reached an incredible state of enlightenment on our first call about two weeks ago, but somehow this call was even more impactful.

If you’re on the fence about working with Thomas, just do it.

If our work ended today, it would still be worth 10x what I paid.

Man, I’m just so filled with love right now… for all of you and for myself.

Life is f*cking great.

I would like to give my sincere gratitude for the Self Love Army and for Thomas Whigham in particular for the guidance and insight provided to me in navigating the Dom/Sub dynamic and how to approach the complexities of open relationships.

I reached out to Thomas with a sticky issue and he pointed out the nuances of the power exchange playing itself out. He’s particularly adept at sharing the male/Dom perspective, which allowed me to open my own perspectives wider.

I’m grateful for his guidance and for the opportunity to feel less tangled about my situation.

I love the Self Love Army. ❤️💋

It is incredibly rare to meet someone who you instantly have chemistry with.

The first time that I spoke to Thomas was in June and within an hour of exchanging stories and ideas I felt like we had built a level of rapport and connection that I only have with my younger brother and closest friends.

I deeply resonated with all of Thomas’s beliefs on self-love and relationships but felt like he was speaking from a much higher level. A level that some men speak about but he actually lived at.

Over the past months, Thomas has mentored me and has helped me grow immensely as a coach, lover, and human being.

Thomas made me realize that being able to attract and have s*x with beautiful women was just level 1.

The real growth and fulfillment comes from having a deep s*xual and emotional impact on women and creating a safe space for them to be fully submissive, loving and authentic.

I highly recommend everyone who has been checking out Thomas’s content to stop hesitating and shoot him a message and schedule a call.

I came to Tom at a low point in my life – I had just broken up with my partner of 4 years, I was trying to drop my bad habits, and I was trying to ‘get my sh*t together’ – but what was my reason for doing this?

It was a mix of saving face, changing myself for the purpose of being attractive to the opposite sex, and trying to get approval from others.

I was failing to make any sort of meaningful change because all of my motivation was coming from fear. I thought that this is what life was supposed to be – I was supposed to feel alone in a meaningless world.

I have never met anyone in my life that understands me more than Tom – he was able to see through all my layers of bullsh*t and figure out exactly who I was and why I was that way.

Talking to Tom is like having an acid trip – he cuts through all the bullsh*t and leaves you with a clear vision of what is really important as a result.

Tom allowed me to understand myself and from there, I was able to let go of all of the shallow, superficial, selfish sh*t that was serving as a distraction.

Tom taught me how to show compassion and forgiveness to myself and others, including those that have hurt me most in my life – the relief that letting go provided has been life changing for me.

Working with Tom changed my life at a fundamental level – I have had so many paradigm shifts that all of my motivations from 6 months ago seem meaningless now.

I used to obsess about myself and who I was in the world, now I care about other people, and just the way I do to myself, I want to accept them and see their hearts, not their appearance or their masks.