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Self Love is Revolutionary

Self-acceptance must include accepting your potential. Find your purpose and live it fully.

  • Gratitude: Discover profound gratitude for your life, including for your pain.
  • Awareness: Gain awareness of your judgments, fears, and shames and learn to accept and love yourself fully.
  • Confidence: Learn to own your reality and take full responsibility for your beliefs.
  • Community: Join a community that will give you a hundred reasons to love yourself on your worst day, and a hundred more to love the reasons behind your worst day.


“On the other side of fear is freedom, because the other end of fear is love.”

When you guard your heart, it doesn’t make it precious or safe it makes it a prison.

If you’re ready to experience freedom, let’s get to work.

Meet Thomas Whigham

Founder of

Self-Love Guru. Waterfall of Love. Friend. Brother. Loving Guide. These are some of the names Thomas has been called. But, in his own words, “I really don’t want labels. I don’t believe in authority. I think you’re pure love and pure God… just like me”.

That said, for many, Thomas is a loving mentor, dedicated to helping people rediscover inner peace and love… for themselves, their friends and family, and the world.

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Coaching Testimonials

Hear what others have to say about their experiences working with Thomas.

As a woman who has struggled my whole life with relationships, I’ve found working with Thomas to be life changing.

I’m no longer settling for anything less than what I truly want in ANY area of my life – because Thomas explains what is happening for me in such a profound way, and then holds me to my desires with actions that create massive CHANGE.

I’m prioritizing myself in a way I never knew existed… to me, that alone gives me to ability to conquer any thing I choose.

Stacey R.

Besides calling out your bullsh*t like a sniper, Thomas’ focus on self-love and compassion allows you to become virtually invincible, if you really surrender and trust him.

There’s a god within all of us, radiating light and love. Thomas gives you the tools to take it out and let it take care of stuff for you.

Trust me, everything else will be easier after his coaching.

Sergio C.

Thomas helped me overcome my self-esteem issues and develop my sense of emotional awareness to a level that I didn’t think was possible.

He will teach you to see beyond what people say and see directly into their hearts.

Not only will your self-esteem skyrocket, but you will understand human emotions (particularly love) on a level that you never have before.

If you are looking to feel more love, purpose, and joy, then you should definitely get in touch with Thomas.

Madushan D.

I’m not here to teach you. I’m here to love you, and love will teach you.